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PLUGINS (Security)!!!!

Greetings everyone. I have good news about palace security found with plugins. For anybody who would like better protection against PalTech, Room Ripper, ProtoKill, or any other nasty program running around on the net. Sentinel is the answer to alot of the hassle! Goto and read up on Sentinel. TPH (ThePalaceHost) is a rather new hosting service among the community. I plan to be open sourcing most of my projects. Coming soon is a program that will replace Pawn's Prop Refresh Tool by taking a pat file or two or more, a server prop bag or two or more, and scanning these files for common prop IDs found, and then dumping them out into a valid server prop bag format you can then upload to your server. Fast, reliable, and safe! may have something else to interest you. A couple more server plugins, one which blocks prop sizes over a certain limit like Phalanx uses, which has been known to crash "pserver frontends". I call this plugin stdprops (Standard Props). Whatever the inquiry, check us out today!!!


PS We coordinate alot of our efforts in new found security with Palace Magazine. Namely it's founder "Twitch", a very talented person whome I respect alot. Peace everybody!
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