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Yeah. I remember when I joined back in summer of 97 I believe it was. Think it was 1996. First hangout was The Dungeon (not sex dungeon ya nitwits :P ) Then started to hangout in Harry's bar for a few monthes until around winter I noticed how 'The Slabs" was different.
Was a better sense of comraderie and fellowship than most of the other rooms I've visited. They used to organize a few tours to other palaces together especially the personal palace setup by the regulars of that room. This was back then when being a full member wasn't free and I guess because of that people had a better sense of resposibility of maintaining social tact. I mean who'd pay 25 or 50 bucks for a membership just to get thrown out or banned for being an asshole? LOL Not that I was completely welcomed by all of them, I've been quite controversial for some of my peers to handle *grin* but thats okay... not everybody is gonna like me and you just can't please everybody.

Then Time-Warner communications bought the palace and made registration free giving it a much wider and broaded exposure where unfortunately a bunch of the unwanted elements started to appear In particular the hacker/prop cloners and the ever annoying ASL'ers. The latter one being annoying enough to enter a room and start asking for Age, Sex and Location... as if that made a difference to anybody whose main purpose is to chat... not look for some date or some piece of meat to exploit. I didn't mind the influx of new blood.. but problem was too much of it was comprised of angsty idiots who started antagonizing anybody who didn't wear the same style of props they do... so pretty much like in real life, we prejudice by color and we do it by who wears what and how they greet themselves in a room.

So, bit by bit The original slabbers started to leave towards thier own personal palaces... sadly driven away by the new free palacers that polluted the plsce with thier anti-social antics and antagonism. Guess, me and a few others still visit the slabs every now and then...but not as often anymore. ALthough I've always been able to deal with most personalities, even the difficult ones... I guess what set the new groups today from back then was that most ppl KEPT thier freaking names LOL. Now if you don't keep up to date...u lose track of who is who with all the name changing that goes on. MoonKnight or Moonsagi is what I use. For the first 4 to 5 years The slabs was my cybernetic home away from home....and nowadays I just feel like another stranger in a stranger land. he he.

By the way, anybody who ever visited and ever wanted to do so again... I still run Matrix of Destiny and Utopia Dimensia at port 9998/9997 it's got rooms/midi/poetry galore and even a good chunk of props room for all you leechers hehe. So if you are ever in a artsy/fartsy mood for a little bit of an emotional rollercoaster... should give Matrix of Destiny a look...its more for exploring than anything else.
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